Mid-year interview

It's an interview that should be understood as a mid-term review to demontrate your progress in studies. It is for guidance only and it doesn't preclude to pursue your studies.

Students in both classes and each year are obligated to take it, exclusively by enrolment on Esse3.

The test may consist of an interview or discussion of an essay at the student's discretion, in agreement with the tutor teacher. The interview focuses on what you have learned during the lessons of your degree course so far. The papers can consist of a written thesis or a powerpoint presentation. The student must send a copy of the paper to the President of the Commission, the supervisor and the Administrative office, no less than five days before the discussion. In any case, at the time of the discussion, the student must produce an hardcopy of the thesis to the Examination board and another one to be delivered to the Administrative office.

The School Regulations establish that the interviews take place in March of each year, but the deadlines can be extended until 20 April.

There are usually three Examination boards, one per class, appointed by the Director of the School on the recommendation of the Academic Council. They have at least two members. Professors of specific competence can be aggregated for individual interviews.The Commission Chairmen (appointed at the same time as the commissions themselves) are, as a rule, the faculty's representative teachers within the Academic Council. The members of the Examinations boars will normally be the tutors of the students, the mentors of the thesis or, in the case of interviews, the holders of the courses indicated.

 There is no judgement of suitability/non suitability.