End-of-year interview

The final interview consists of an essay on one or more subjects dealt with in one of the disciplinary courses; for the last year, instead, the topic may concern the one chosen for the degree thesis.

Credits relating to educational activities (except those of languages, assigned in the last year) are obtained by passing the October exam.

The student must identify and contact the supervisor and choose the topic of the final interview by July, in order to better organize the preparatory work and the interview itself.

An Examination board per class will be appointed, which will normally include, in addition to the President, the mentors of the thesis and/or the tutors. At the end of the interview, it will judge the student's exposure with a vote in thirtieths which will contribute to the determination of the annual average.

Students must be examined by 31 October; a second round if necessary. If the deadline is extended, the paper must however be received by the Administrative office by 31 October.

The works can consist of a written thesis or a powerpoint presentation.The student must send a copy of the paper to the President of the Commission, the mentor of the thesis and the Administrative office, no less than five days before the discussion. In any case, at the time of the discussion, the student must produce an hardcopy of the thesis to the Examination board and another one to be delivered to the Administrative office.