Obligations of students

How to stay in the school?

 Students, in order to maintain their place in the School, are required to:

- follow the teachings given in the School and in the corresponding degree courses of the University of Udine;

- hold an interview in the middle of the academic year;

- pass the examinations for supplementary teaching activities carried out at the School by 31 October each year;

- pass the university examinations required by your study plan by the autumn period and no later than 31 October;

- report in the examinations and other forms of verification, for each year, an overall average of no less than twenty-seven/thirty and in each examination a mark of no less than twenty-four/thirty. Contribute to the formation of the overall avergae even the marks relating to internal courses held at the school;

- comply with the obligation of residential at the School, Monday to Friday for the entire period of the academic activity.


In short, the new structuring of the students' teaching obligations (according to what was discussed and ordered by the Academic Council at the meeting of 27/09/2016):

Internal courses

As a rule, in each course year, excluding the last one in which only one disciplinary course is required, students must attend:

- two disciplinary courses, each lasting 28 hours, for a total of 56 hours, corresponding to 8 credits (4+4);

- one interdisciplinary course lasting 14 hours, corresponding to 2 credits.

Students are required to attend a number of conferences organised or accredited by the school.

Finally, in the five years (6 years for Medicine) students must obtain 10 credits in foreign language learning.The same applies to those who enrol at the fourth year.


Attendance of internal courses

The attendance requirement is 70% on each single disciplinary course (80% on the two courses) and 60% on the interdisciplinary course.

In detail, in terms of hours: the minimum attendance of a disciplinary course is 20 hours, on the two courses is 45 hours, the minimum attendance of an interdisciplinary course is 10 hours.

Upgrade to subsequent study year

Each student is admitted to the following year after having fulfilled internal and university obligations and obtained annual credits (60 cfu) by passing the annual final annual exam.