School for Advanced Studies

The School for Advanced Studies of the University of Udine complements and expands on the university studies of the students who want to undertake a high-level educational path. This is an interdisciplinary, collaborative and qualifying learning environment.

In order to participate in the selection procedure for the admission to the first year the students may be enrolled in the degree courses listed by the call for admission. Students who are completing or have completed their three-year study courses and want to file an application for the admission to the fourth year can be enrolled in all the Master's Degree courses included in the courses offered by the University of Udine for the 2019-2020 academic year.

The School is committed to a continuous improvement of the scientific and cultural skills of the students, with the objective of creating a true community of pupils and teachers.

The everyday interaction and collaboration among the students hosted by the School, in fact, amounts to the fundamental means for promoting research and innovation, as well as being an essential condition for the success of the educational project.