Governing Bodies – School for Advanced Studies

Governing Bodies

As provided for by Article 16 of the University General Regulations, the following are the bodies of the School for Advanced Studies: 

the Director, appointed by the Academic Senate, upon proposal by the Rector, among the full professors;

the School Council, chaired by the Director. The Council is made up of a full professor from each of the University Departments, appointed by the members of their Councils; by two students of the School, and by the General Manager or by a delegate of the same, the latter two of which concur to provide a quorum only if present;

the Vice-Director, appointed by the Director from among the full professors of the Council.


The Director

The Director is appointed by a decree by the Rector. His term of office is three years and his appointment can be renewed no more than once consecutively.

The Director of the School for Advanced Studies for the academic three-year term 2016-2019 is Professor Alberto Policriti, tenured professor in the "INF701 sector – Computer Science" at the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Physics.


The Vice-Director

The Vice-Director of the School for Advanced Studies is appointed by the Director from among the full professos of the Council.


The Council of the School for Advanced Studies

The Council of the School for Advanced Studies, besides the Director, is made up as follows:

Medical Area Department  Professor Claudio Schneider
Department of languages and literatures, media, education and societyProfessor Angelo Gaudio
Technology Department of engineering and architectureProfessor Antonio Morassi

Department of agricultural, nutrition, animal and environmental sciences

Professor Michele Morgante
Department of economic and statistical sciences Professor Andrea Moretti
Department of juridical sciencesProfessoressa Elena D'Orlando
Department of mathematics, physics and computer sciencesProfessor Pietro Corvaja
Department of humanities and cultural heritage 

Professor Neil Anthony Harris

General manager or his delegateDr. Massimo Di Silverio
Representative of the studentsMr. Riccardo Vida