The Palace

The Palace

The School for Advanced Studies is located in Via Gemona 92, in Udine, inside the prestigious 18th-century Toppo Wassermann Palace. The history of the Palace is linked with some noble families of Udine: initially it was the residence of the Polcenigo noble family, then it became the property of the Garzolini family for the whole 19th century.

At the beginning of the 1900s this architectural treasure, arranged and enlarged by the Municipality and the Province of Udine, was transformed into an educational institute, as desired by the Count Francesco di Toppo.

In 2002, the palace was granted in use to the University of Udine, which, after careful restoration and renovation works, made it the new premises of the University's School for Advanced Studies.

With a 7,000-sqm area, today the building hosts 84 rooms for the students, 10 classrooms, an auditorium and the velarium, periodically used for exhibitions and cultural events.



The city of Udine can boast a favourable geographical position: it allows you to reach Austria, Slovenia or Croatia in 90 minutes. From the cultural point of view, the city hosts a historic centre rich in museums and art treasures, and it also is an important technological and industrial hub.