The new director of the School for Advanced Studies is Alberto Policriti

Professor Alberto Policriti was appointed, by Rectoral Decree no. 821 of October 31, 2019, Director of the School for Advanced Studies of the University of Udine for the academic three-year term 2019-2022

Alberto Policriti received his degree in Mathematics from the Universtiy of Turin in 1984 and his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the New York University, under the supervision of M. Davis, in 1990. From 1989, he is at the University of Udine, where he is currently professor of Computer Science at the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Physics.

His main research interests are related to Computational Logic and Algorithms: Set-Theoretic and Combinatorial algorithms and problems, Modal and Temporal logics, and algorithms/models for Bioinformatics. He has coauthored two monographs, more than 140 scientific papers, and has supervised or co-supervised 17 doctoral dissertations in Logic, Algorithms, and Bioinformatics. He has been coordinator of the PhD program in Computer Science and of the Biotechnology program of the University of Udine.

He is one of the four founders of the “Istituto di Genomica Applicata”, has been member of the scientific committee of GNCS—“Istituto di Alta Matematica”—, and of the EATCS—European Association for Theoretical Computer Science.