The Canadian Cultural Mosaic as Metaphor: Representations and Transformations of Literary, Musical, Visual and Decorative Art Forms in Canada

Udine, 27-29 aprile 2011 - Sala Convegni Roberto Gusmani, Palazzo Antonini, via Petracco, 8

— 27/04/2011

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27 April 2011

Morning session

8.30 Registration

9.00 Chair Anna Pia De Luca (President of Centre for Canadian Culture)
Opening Welcome Remarks: Cristiana Compagno (President, University of Udine), Antonella Riem (Dean, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures), Sergio Cappello (Director, Department of European and Extra European Filological, Linguistic and Literary Studies), Roberto Molinaro (Regional Counsellor, University Education, Research), Elena Lizzi (Regional Counsellor for Education, Culture and Equal Opportunities), Ralph Jansen (Minister-Counsellor, Embassy of Canada, Rome).

Chair Carla Marcato
10.00 Keynote speaker Olga Zorzi Pugliese (Toronto) From Friuli to Canada: The Art of Mosaic Transformed
11.00 Coffee break

Chair Joseph Pivato
11.30 Smaro Kamboureli (Guelph) Diasporic Literature in English Canada. The Case of Asian Canadian Studies
12.00 George Elliott Clarke (Toronto) Reading the Giallo in African-Canadian Literature

12.30 Lunch break

Afternoon session

Chair Roberto Perin

14.30 Martin Löschnigg (Graz) Of Mosaics and Kaleidoscopes: Reflections of Immigrant Space in Contemporary Canadian Literature
15.00 Coral Ann Howells (Reading) An Atwoodian Mosaic: Transformations of The Year of the Flood

15.30 Vision of Margaret Atwood's book tour DVD "In the Wake of the Flood"

16.15 Coffee break
16.30 Luisa Sello, President of ``Amici della Musica'', introduces: Suzanne Smoke (Golden Eagle Woman, Bear Clan) and Cedar Smoke (Ogima Geeziko Kwe-Head Woman of the SkyWorld, Wolf Clan) ``Nagamo Dodem'' Singers.
19.00 Dinner
20.30 Concert: Angela Hewitt (at the piano) music by J.S. Bach; Suzanne and Cedar Smoke, ``Nagamo Dodem'' Singers, Ojibway-Alderville and Georgina Island First Nation in Ontario (venue: Palamostre Theatre, Piazzale Diacono 15, Udine). Concert offered to conference participants by ``Amici della Musica'' of Udine, the oldest association for concert activity in the Friuli Venezia Giulia, now in its 89th year.

28 April 2011

Morning session

Chair Deborah Saidero
9.00 Linda Morra (Bishop's University, Sherbrooke) Pauline Johnson's Intimate and Spectacular Confession: A Revisioning of A Cry From an Indian Wife
9.30 Eleonora Rao (Salerno) ``Even the sunlight looked different'': Geographies of Estrangement in Alice Munro’s Who Do You Think You Are? and Dance of the Happy Shades
10.00 Juliana Pivato (Artist) Transcending the Present: Sounds that Words Make

10.45 Coffee break

Chair Olga Pugliese
11.00 Joseph Pivato (Athabasca) Effects of Immigration on Art Genres: Father-Daughter Narratives
11.30 Suzanne Smoke (Ojibway-Alderville First Nation in Ontario) TransNational Identities: ``Images in Media'' Aboriginal Women in Canada
12.00 Heather Fullerton (Georgina Arts Centre & Gallery) The Works of Albert (Umberto) Chiarandini (Wanda Bortolotto - Guild of Portrait Painters - Remembering Chiarandini)
12.45 A visit to the Art Exhibit of Albert Chiarandini, Juliana Pivato, Suzanne Smoke and François Morelli - Palazzo Florio, Sala Colonne (clicca qui per più informazioni)
13.30 Lunch break

Afternoon session

Chair Coral Ann Howells
15.00 Monica Stellin (Wilfred Laurier) Anna Moroni Parken: An Anglo-Italian Experience in the Bush
15.30 Roberto Perin (York) Ethnic Identity and Multiculturalism
16.00 Caterina Edwards (Writer) What Do You Mean by Heritage? Walking the Line in the Multicultural City
16.30 Coffee break

Chair Martin Löschnigg
17.00 Maria Löschnigg (Graz) The Native Canadian Mosaic: Diversity and Polyvocality in the Native Canadian Story in English
17.30 Francesca Romana Paci (Amedeo Avogadro del Piemonte Orientale) A Sense of Things in Janice Kulyk Keefer’s Writings
18.00 Licia Canton (Accenti Magazine) Writing a Cultural Identity: From Italian Daughters to Canadian Authors
20.00 Dinner

29 April 2011

Morning session

Chair Francesca Romana Paci
9.00 François Morelli (Concordia) Presenting my works: `plein air' actions
9.30 Deborah Saidero (Udine) Transforming Native Myths in Multicultural Writing
10.00 Maria Paola Frattolin (Udine) Pictor Imaginarius et Magister Musivarius. From Aquileia to the Dynamic ``Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli''
10.30 Coffee break
11.00 READINGS by: George Elliott Clarke, Licia Canton, Caterina Edwards
12.15 Lunch break: prosciuttificio dok Dall'Ava, San Daniele del Friuli

Afternoon Session
-- Visit to Spilimbergo and the ``Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli''
-- Visit to Villa Manin for the exhibition ``Arte in Friuli, 1961-2011'' - 50th Anniversary of the Friulan Centre for the Plastic Arts

19.00 Dinner

30 April 2011

Post-conference activities: Performing Arts

09.30 Scheduled two `en plein air' actions entitled ``Moon Walk'' and ``Free Portrait Sessions'' by François Morelli, for the students at the University of Udine. Public is welcome.

Responsabile scientifico

Prof.ssa Anna Pia De Luca

Referente gestione organizzativa

Prof.ssa Anna Pia De Luca

Dott. Andrea Schincariol