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The Long Shadow of World War One, 1914-2023

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prof. David Reynolds (University of Cambridge)

Aula T6 - Palazzo Toppo Wasserman - Via Gemona 92 - Udine - il 4/05/2023 in T7

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The Long Shadow of World War One, 1914-2023

The British still refer to it as ‘the Great War’. The American diplomat and historian George Kennan called it ‘the great seminal catastrophe’ of the 20th century, from which stemmed a multitude of horrors. Yet those years also saw the flowering of nations – Italy’s fourth and final war of independence, the rebirth of Poland, the creation of Czechoslovakia – and also the stillbirth of other nations, including Ukraine. This week of lecture-seminars will explore the long shadow cast by World War One over the decades that followed, right up to the present day, and ask how the conflict should be presented to the wider public through museums and cultural tourism, while doing justice to the pain that remains for families who were bereaved.

02/05/2023 09:00     Commemorating (the Thiepval memorial in France and Redipuglia) aula T6
03/05/2023 09.00     Curating/Showcasing (the Imperial War Musuem in London to the Great War Museum on monte san Michele) aula T6
04/05/2023 09.00     Remembering (the Meaux museum in France and the museum in Ragogna) aula T7
05/05/2023 09:00     Transcending aula T6



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