Durata: 20 ore


Probabilistic Logic Programming, Probabilistic Description Logics and their applications (14 ore)

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The course will concentrate on Probabilistic Logic Programming, and on Probabilistic Description Logics that are receiving an increasing attention for their ability to combine powerful knowledge representation and probabilistic reasoning.

The course will introduce probabilistic logic programming and probabilistic description logics, and it will overview the main systems for inference and learning. For inference, both exact and approximate methods will be presented. For learning, the course will illustrate parameter and structure learning.




MARTEDI' 20/11 14:00-16:00

- Agostino Dovier: introduzione al logic programming

MARTEDI' 27/11 14:00-16:00

- Fabrizio Riguzzi: introduzione al probabilistic logic programming

MARTEDI' 04/12 14:00-16:00

- Elena Bellodi: Probabilistic logic programming: sintassi e semantica.

MERCOLEDI' 05/12 10:00-13:00 

- Elena Bellodi: Pobabilistic logic programming: inferenza, apprendimento, applicazioni

MARTEDI' 11/12 14:00-16:00

- Riccardo Zese: Description Logics Probabilistiche: sintassi e semantica.

MERCOLEDI' 12/12 10:00-13:00

- Riccardo Zese: Description Logics Probabilistiche: inferenza, apprendimento, applicazioni e combinazione con il probabilistic logic programming.


Corso in lingua inglese, mutuato dal corso di dottorato.

Elenco corsi 2018/2019