NON OFFERTO - Genomi e Biologia: l'evoluzione delle organizzazioni cellulari (Disciplinare) - Genomes and Biology : Evolution of Cell Organization

Responsabile didattico: Claudio Schneider

Durata: 28 ore

Periodo didattico: primo semestre




  • PhyloGenomics and Cellular Domains : the Tree or the Ring of life? 
  • Biopolymers , self-organization and the organization of compartments : phase-transitions in an aqueous-world.
  • Energy-harnessing and Homeostatic Self-defense for Replicative conservation and variation.
  • Autotrophic versus Eterotrophic basis for the Origin of Life : Hydrothermal Vents as energy providing geochemical compartments.
  • The transition from Geochemistry to Biochemistry : LUCA(LastUniversalcommonAncestor) and the transition from Sulphur to Phosphate biochemistry.
  • Major Evolutionary Transitions : RNA and the origins of the Genetic Code.
  • Membrane Compartments and the Origins of Archaea and Bacteria. 
  • Horizontal Gen Transfer for Prokaryote diversification and evolution.
  • The Prokaryotic impact for the Evolution of the Biosphere 
  • Archaea and Bacteria : Biofilms, the organization into Multicellular Consortia and Symbiosis.
  • From Archaea and Bacteria Consortia to the Origins of Eukaryotes : E Pluribus Unum.
  • Eukaryotes and the establishment of Vertical Gene Transfer. 
  • System Level Evolution in Ecological Communities :  Cooperation versus Competition. 


Prof. Schneider, 28 ore.

Elenco corsi 2017/2018