From epidemiology, statistics and clinical field to evidence - based practice

Durata: 28 ore

Periodo didattico: secondo semestre


What is evidence-based medicine?

How to search for evidence and to appraise research?

What does it look like in practice: apply evidence to clinical problem.

The Cochrane collaboration.

Methods for quantitative synthesis in medicine: Meta-analysis, Decision analysis and Cost-effectiveness analysis.

Statistical methods in meta-analysis.

Outline of Methods Decision Analysis.

Observational epidemiology vs. clinical trials.

Writing a protocol.

Outcome identification: safety, efficacy, effectiveness.

Criteria for the validity of randomized and nonrandomized trials.

Selection, confounding, generalizability and precision.

Course of action based on results from randomized and nonrandomized studies.

"Just in Time" learning.


  • Primo modulo (prof. Barbone): Igiene.
  • Secondo modulo (prof. Palese): Scienze infermieristiche generali, cliniche e pediatriche.

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