Admission to the First Year

Admission to the First Year

In order to be admitted as a student of the School for Advanced Studies, it is necessary to pass the admission competition. This year, it provides for 18 posts. These are split between the Scientific-Economic Class (including the posts reserved to the students of the Master's Degree courses in Medicine and Surgery) and the Humanities Class. The 18 posts are split as follows:

- 10 posts at the scientific-economic class, including 2 posts reserved to the students of the single-cycle Master's degree in Medicine and Surgery;

- 8 posts at the humanities class.

The admission competition takes place through three separate test sessions: one for the Humanities Class, one for the Scientific-Economic Class, and one for the two posts reserved to the degree course in Medicine and Surgery.

More specifically, the admission test amounts to:

- A test made up of two written papers, concerning the subjects listed in the call for admission:

- An interview on two subjects chosen by the candidate among those listed in the call for admission:

It is important to mention that the School for Advanced Studies does not replace the University, and, therefore, the winners in the competition must enrol in one of the degree courses offered by the University of Udine, chosen among those listed in the call for admission.


Schedule for filing applications

From Monday, July 15th, 2019, 09:30 a.m., until Monday, September 2nd, 2019, 12:00 a.m. you can file an application for the admission competition.

A student wishing to apply for the competition should:

- Register with the Esse3 site;

- LOG IN and proceed with the application for the competition;

- Carefully read the directions for the application:

No other mode of application for the test will be accepted apart from the on-line application.

If you have any technical problem in entering the data, please follow the directions provided on the page for the assistance to students and future students:


Admission requirements

You can apply if you

- Are born after January 1st, 1998;

- Have a higher education diploma or another diploma granted abroad (the grades achieved at the final examination do not affect the participation in the competition);

- Have not already been enrolled in university degree courses in previous academic years.


Benefits for future students

The winners of the competition will be able to make use of the following services:

- Free lodging in the premises provided for, starting from September 1st of every year and until July 31st of the following year;

- Free board at the ARDISS canteens, starting from September 1st of every year and until July 31st of the following year;

- Exemption from the payment of the university taxes of the University of Udine;

- The students also benefit from all the agreements the School enters in with the University Departments, with the laboratories, with the libraries, with the information systems, with the inter-departmental research centres, so as to be able to join the research life of the University since the very beginning of their studies;

- Throughout their university life, the students will be assisted by tutors, chosen by the University professors, who will take care of guiding them both in studying and in the organization of the exams, as well as in the relations with the other professors.


Testing Schedule